Sunday, September 29, 2013

Inviting Quiet; No Music

I've long been devoted to listening to music while I'm painting, but today it was time for quiet. I decided that bringing a more mindful approach to my painting might mean bringing quiet in. It makes painting even more solitary, but it also made for a deeper concentration on the work. This might not be for every painting session but for today, it seemed right.

I'd always maintained the idea that loud, hard hitting music helped me tune out other thoughts that come in while painting, but actually while I'm painting, few thoughts really make their way in. I stay focused on the work, music or not; one of the beautiful things about really can't do it unless you are in the flow.

For the past year, I have purposefully chosen a quieter lifestyle; I have no T.V. or radio. I don't follow the news or popular culture. This is a choice for simplicity and calm. Today I extended that choice into my painting life. I'm so glad I did. Please share thoughts on this!

Monday, September 23, 2013

A Little Magic at Autumn Art Workshops

Sometimes a little magic just happens. Maybe it's luck, maybe, maybe good planning, or good karma. I don't know about any of that for sure, but what I do know for sure is that something really special happened in Halsey, NE along with my both of my classes of twenty happy motivated, hard working, kind-hearted students.

We had fun, we dug deep, we laughed, we cried, got a little frustrated, had break throughs, aha moments, got dog tired, ate too much, slept too little and made art, lots of good art.

How much can you pack into eight days. For myself, I taught folks a few things I think I have a little experience about,I learned quite a few things, I painted, I read, meditated, ate too much, walked, played loud music, watched the moon and the stars, sat by a bonfire and made friends. It was really one of the most memorable workshops for me so far and I'll go home revived not tired and spent. Thank you Autumn art workshops and thank you to all my lovely students!! Keep painting and keep painting after that. Stay in touch and if you need me to tell you when to stop, just call!

4H Camp Lodge
First Session working hard!
Collette working hard!
Layne staying loose!
Our classroom
Evening walk
Session I group pic
Raleigh, one of the other instructors doing a plein air demo.
Shy turkeys
Another evening walk
Beautiful bull snake
More walking!

Justine's studies
Beautiful evening for a fire!
View from the lookout tower

Group pic, session II

Last night walk with Kathleen and Cheri!

Kathleen and Cheri

Sunrise this morning

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Busy, Busy!!

After my knee surgery, I indulged in a slower pace with lots of naps and reading time. I read some books that I've been longing to get to! I must be recovering because I've gotten most of my energy and stamina back as well as my urge to paint. Last week I finished a large 4x4 piece before heading to the coast for a couple days of unparalleled beauty, meditation, reading, music and star gazing. I think that was enough to fill my cup for quite a while and inspire me to keep on the path of painting. Today was paying medical bills,(yuck), cleaning the kitchen floor, photoshop, emails, then an afternoon of pastel painting followed by an evening of acrylic painting. I love it when a day is a mix of different kinds of energy and none of it is at odds or gets you off track. This is of course tricky, but when you can keep in the flow and let all of it be thoughtful, even throughout the seemingly mundane parts of your day, it's pretty beautiful and rewarding.

Neskowin, Oregon

Proposal Rock,Neskowin, Oregon

Under-painting for new piece
 Friday, I'm off to Halsey, Nebraska to teach for Autumn Art Workshops. I'm so looking forward to seeing some familiar faces, having two FULL classes, more star gazing, firepits and lots of painting!!
I'm such a lucky woman! Happy painting!