Monday, October 21, 2013

Done with Doing For a Bit!!

Having just come through an intense period of "doing", I'm ready to settle into a long period of "being". By the end of the month I will have taught two workshops, hung two shows, moved both my home and my studio space, bought a second vehicle, and filed for divorce. Phew!!

I hope I did most of it gracefully and thoughtfully, but I'll certainly be ready to head into a long, slow fall and winter, concentrating on lots of painting, reading and non-thinking activities!

I'm hesitant to plan this out too much, but rather let it be an organic unfolding of painting and drawing. At the same time, I have deadlines and shows to work toward so I will set some intentions about painting; Things like, "I will try to paint every day". Notice the "try"!! I'm not going to make a chore of it, nor will I make a set plan, rather an intention. I have some ideas for new bodies of work, but I don't intend to abandon my core of landscape painting. This is my foundation and support. The landscape supports and nourishes me, so I will stay true to that.

Fall and winter are the perfect months to nestle in and find your base. I can't wait!

Happy Painting!!!


  1. Yes, graceful and thoughtful you were and will be cause you are. xoxo

  2. Wishing you all the best! May youe journey through these season's be a rewarding time.

  3. Peace.... and many grounding painting days ahead Marla!

  4. That's a great outlook! I've certainly been there and making an "intention" versus "will try" puts you in the right frame of mind. "Trying" gives you an out. Congratulations!