Saturday, April 19, 2014

What Makes Your Hair Stand On End?

What is it that makes your hair stand on end? Chances are it's not a new purse or even a new car. It might not even be a new boyfriend. More likely it's the wind in your hair or a sunset or a beautiful song, a poem or the moment you are making a painting and it's singing back to you.....Follow that. Follow it with all your heart. With all your heart means like your life depends on it...and it does actually.

Isn't that really why we paint? Following our bliss? There are tons of things that are easier to do, more relaxing and less frustrating. Definitely easier ways to make a living, but I wouldn't have it any other way, honestly. When it's clicking there is no greater endeavor and when it's not there's no greater endeavor. When I'm painting, I'm connecting with something far greater than the subject and the object that is the painting.

So, I could stick with the same mode of painting that I've done for the number of years, but I chose to push myself to ever greater and different territory; to continually push the boundaries of my skills and my heart.  My pocketbook sometimes suffers for this but my spirit never does!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Pointing to the Moon

 As a teacher, that's all I can do...point to the moon. I can't take you there, nor can I hand it to you, I can only point. It's the same with the work that I do. I can only point my viewer. I hope to point to beauty and truth that is outside of the subject of the work, outside of the object that is the work. I hope to point to that special something that was the creation of the work. That's all I can do. Point.

As a teacher more and more, I'm committed to that very thing. The pointing. I want to do it for everyone that comes to me for guidance. Every single person who joins me in the act of making art, no matter where they are on their journey, no matter their aspirations, or intent or motivations for making art. I want to point. It honestly makes me tear up just thinking about it; it's so magical and humbling and full of grace to be able to participate in teaching art. I am lucky, lucky, lucky!

And now for the other part of what I do; selling paintings. Honestly, sometimes the selling doesn't quite fit with the creating and the teaching. So, in response to that, I have decided to make some of my work available online at very affordable prices. I'm pretty excited about two new online venues for selling my work; Etsy and Daily Paintworks. I've already had GREAT success on both and having so much FUN!! I want people to have original art. I think it's important and more "real" than having mass market reproductions. You can find my work out there in those forms too, and I don't regret that, I'm just having a change of heart!! So, please check out my Etsy shop and Daily Paintworks.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Love, love, Wichita

What an overwhelming week I, we, had! I can't say enough about my wonderful group of students at my Loosen Up Intensive workshop in Wichita, Kansas. As an instructor, each time I come to work with a new group I approach them with an open heart and give it my all. This time was no exception, and I was rewarded with a warm, open, loving response. Of course this is not unusual, but it just hit me differently this trip.

I am so very lucky! I have the best job ever! I get to help people make art; art that they may have been yearning to create for years and years. Maybe when they are in the workshop, they may not create exactly what they have in mind for themselves, but I get to validate them and nudge them on their way, support their efforts. Sometimes I get to help folks whose creative lives had been put on hold because life didn't unfold in ways that afforded art making as a viable option. They want back in and they have made time an invested in themselves to take one of my workshops. What an honor! I am very humbled by this.

We had twenty students in class and I so enjoyed everyone! I threw a lot of info at them and worked them hard, but they all stepped up and created some great work that I hope will lead them into new territory.

 I was the juror of selection and awards for their national show and attended the opening last night. I had the opportunity to give an award to one of my students, (she was so excited), and to say a few words to the lovely group who attended the opening. The Wichita Center for the Arts did a lovely job of the reception. It was a truly elegant event to honor the artists and support the arts. Thank you Molly and Amy and everyone at the center who made it very special.

O.K. this is not from Wichita! I'll post some of those pics when I get them!

 Happy Painting!!!!