Saturday, April 19, 2014

What Makes Your Hair Stand On End?

What is it that makes your hair stand on end? Chances are it's not a new purse or even a new car. It might not even be a new boyfriend. More likely it's the wind in your hair or a sunset or a beautiful song, a poem or the moment you are making a painting and it's singing back to you.....Follow that. Follow it with all your heart. With all your heart means like your life depends on it...and it does actually.

Isn't that really why we paint? Following our bliss? There are tons of things that are easier to do, more relaxing and less frustrating. Definitely easier ways to make a living, but I wouldn't have it any other way, honestly. When it's clicking there is no greater endeavor and when it's not there's no greater endeavor. When I'm painting, I'm connecting with something far greater than the subject and the object that is the painting.

So, I could stick with the same mode of painting that I've done for the number of years, but I chose to push myself to ever greater and different territory; to continually push the boundaries of my skills and my heart.  My pocketbook sometimes suffers for this but my spirit never does!


  1. great colors...intense eyes. Love this piece.

  2. The eyes are amazing...did you see this critter?

  3. Really like this piece! The colours, the circles and the eyes are great. Thanks for sharing.