Thursday, October 9, 2014

Something Special

I don't usually talk about how much I like a piece that I've done! Not my style, exactly but today I want to! I just posted one of my variation studies on Daily Paint Works. I painted it while I was demonstrating in NYC last month. It's a simple little piece, and after I'd done it, I liked it. It seemed just o.k. at the time. But today, when I'd finished posting it on DPW, I saw something pretty special in it. The quality of light that I'd captured was darn nice; something special. It wasn't really intended or at least planned, but I really love the light streaming into the middle ground near the trees; it's cool! Every now and again, you get to catch a little magic! It's what keeps me going back to the easel, again and again.

I also like that the marks for the river are so strong. I didn't mess around here. It's simple and direct. I also like the limited palette. Of course, I'm so amazed that this little composition continues to enchant me and call to me! It's quite a gift!

This piece is available on Daily Paint Works


  1. How wonderful, Marla! Simple, and yes...enchanting!

  2. It is a beautiful piece, you are right. I love the dark-blue trees. :-)

  3. Capturing the essence of a scene is not an easy task...but for the well practiced eye and hand, it often becomes a moment of magic. You caught that in this piece.