Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Mollala Evening

This small pastel, 4'x6' is a study of a place very familiar to me. I recently returned to Mollala State Park with a good friend who was keen on seeing the nooks and crannies of the park, something I'd not done when I'd been there in the past. I was at a different time in my life then; young kids, dogs, bicycles. I was preoccupied! Glad to be returning to get another point of view of the park and take it in from a new ( but older), perspective. It was a more mysterious and not surprisingly, quieter place than I'd remembered with hidden beauties and richly textured paths; a good place for contemplation and devotion.

The little painting speaks directly to me of this. When I'm painting, I'm trying to say things simply, quietly, directly. Not over-thinking, nor just flailing around, I hope! I want it to be an image that is as if you were simply there, not searching or looking, just seeing and feeling the place.

If you are interested in purchasing, go to http://www.dailypaintworks.com/artists/marla-baggetta-3840/artwork

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Summer Inspiration

Long summer days afford the opportunity to take long evening strolls and hikes. I'm so blessed to live in a area that has such beauty and diversity of landscape. What more could a painter ask for really?

The old adage, beauty is in the eye of the beholder is also apt. Walking with friends who aren't necessarily artists, gives me reason to think about what it is that attracts each of us. What forms do we each prefer. What holds our attention and makes us swoon? It's different for all of us. Could we really agree on what is beauty? What is it really? Most of our culture is focused on the superficial aspects of "beauty"; our bodies, our hair, our shapes.

There is a prevalent trend in art, that if your art is beautiful, it's not "real" art and could only be superficial, not profound or conceptual. So, there is a lot of mean, ugly stuff out there, that paradoxically becomes superficial in spite of itself as it tries not to be beautiful!

I don't worry about any of this on any given painting day! I just paint what moves me and call it good. I figure that there are a whole lot nastier ways to make a living and I know that my work has a profundity in it's own way. I know that the places I paint have meaning and a richness that I hope carries through to the work and has impact. Besides, I like beauty!
Mollala State Park

Mollala State Park

Mollala State Park

I continue to explore small works and did these four on terracotta colorifx paper with a wide variety of brands of soft pastel.These are each 4"x6". These pieces are available on Daily Paintworks for $75.00 each.

I hope you are enjoying summer and getting in lots and lots of painting! Don't forget to visit my new site, LandscapePaintingLessons.com and subscribe to my weekly mini-lessons. The next lesson is on simplifying your photo reference!