Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Hotel Blues and Whining Just a Little

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I've been on the road quite a bit between moving and working on my online lessons. First Raleigh, then Ann Arbor and now Springfield, VA. It's easy to fall into a funk when the four walls are the Best Western and the Hampton Suites! Not that there is anything wrong with these establishments; they just get old. 

What made me get up this morning and paint in my hotel room was a steady belief in something greater than my self-indulgence, and self-pity. I have no leg to stand on really. I just finished an amazing three day workshop, with a group of engaged, vibrant and fun students. They reminded me of what it's like to have those "aha!" moments and bask in them. They reminded me that painting is special and a great gift; a blessing to be able to spend time doing.

At the beginning of each of my workshops, I tell students that there is no whining in my workshops and that what we are doing is fun and special. So, my own whining is especially distasteful!

I love, love, love my students. Thank you Sally for the cookies. Thank you Chris for the email this morning, just when I needed it. Thank you Bonnie for your hospitality. I will head home with new appreciation for my work and for my students....

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